Take 2
Take 2

The Quicker Meal Option

Pizza Ranch will be your new favorite to-go meal with our new Take 2 buffet carryout option.

Whether you want to grab lunch to eat back at the office or want to pick up dinner on your way home, now you can choose your favorites from the buffet, and be on your way.

Choose any of these combinations for only $6!*

  • 2 pieces of chicken plus 2 side items
  • 2 pieces of pizza plus 2 side items
  • 1 piece of chicken and 1 piece of pizza plus 2 side items
  • Salad Bar To Go

*Pricing and participation vary by location.

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Add On Items Available

We understand that it is hard to narrow down the choices, so get more for a great value.

  • Add any 21oz. fountain drink for $0.99.
  • Add any 20oz. Coke product or bottled water for $1.79.
  • Add an 8oz. side dish for $1.79.

My guests love that they can come in and dine on the buffet, and then create an on-the-go lighter dinner meal of the Pizza Ranch items they crave. It's been a great addition to the Pizza Ranch menu. - Springfield Pizza Ranch Owner

Our guests love the size of the Take 2. It's great for portion control, and has been especially popular with workers grabbing a quick, hot meal over lunch, seniors, and someone using it as a pay-it-forward action and bringing the Take 2 meal to someone in need. - Urbandale Pizza Ranch Owner

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