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We’re proud to be the centers of our local communities with the most legendary food experiences around. Pizza Ranch isn’t about meals, but about gathering together to celebrate life moments and support each other's causes. Sharing our lives is what communities do—and we support that with Community Rooms at many of our restaurant locations.

Book a Community Room for your next company meeting, birthday party, anniversary or group get together meal time! We’re proud to give you spaces to host those important to you with the best tasting food in town.

Add to the Fun with our FunZone Arcade!

Did you know that some Pizza Ranch locations have a FunZone Arcade? Add onto the fun for everyone by choosing a party package of legendary food, games, and prizes. Go to our FunZone Arcade website to find out more information, view party packages, and request a party.

Add to the fun at our FunZone Arcades!

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We would love to help you host your next event! Fill out the form below to check availability. We will be in touch within 1-2 business days to gather any additional information we need. If you don't see your restaurant on the list, please call them directly.

Please note that Community Rooms options vary by location. There may be seating limitations or a minimum amount of food that needs to be purchased to use a Pizza Ranch Community Room. Reservations may be limited to specific days and times. The restaurant will provide more details when they contact you.

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Give your local Pizza Ranch restaurant a call for Community Room options and to book your next event, party, or group get together!

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