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Tuesday Truth - How Big God Is

Last week, my daughters were asking me “How big is God?” That’s a tricky question to answer for anyone, but trying to explain the vastness of our God to two 4-year olds turned out to be almost entertaining.

Dark hallway with graffiti on the walls, question mark created by glow lights at the end of the hallway

Friday Devotional - Ask

One of the most important and quickest things I’ve learned in marriage is that my wife can’t read my mind and I can’t read hers. The longer we’ve been married, the more we can however…ha-ha. But, we needed to learn to communicate early on. This is true in any relationship we have, personal, professional, etc. Often times we just needed to ask a question instead of assume the other knew.

Tuesday Truth- Sinners are forgiven

It is easy to think that because we did something wrong (sin) that we cannot be loved. And especially cannot be loved by Jesus,…