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Artist & Creator God

Fall is upon us and I for one am thrilled! Despite having allergies while living in Iowa among corn and beans being harvested, it’s still my favorite season. I’m here for anything apple, pumpkin, sweaters, warm beverages… well, you get the picture.

Tuesday Truth - How Big God Is

Last week, my daughters were asking me “How big is God?” That’s a tricky question to answer for anyone, but trying to explain the vastness of our God to two 4-year olds turned out to be almost entertaining.

Dark hallway with graffiti on the walls, question mark created by glow lights at the end of the hallway

Friday Devotional - Ask

One of the most important and quickest things I’ve learned in marriage is that my wife can’t read my mind and I can’t read hers. The longer we’ve been married, the more we can however…ha-ha. But, we needed to learn to communicate early on. This is true in any relationship we have, personal, professional, etc. Often times we just needed to ask a question instead of assume the other knew.