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Friday Devotional - "Good Friday"

Today is “Good Friday,” the day we remember when Jesus was crucified on the cross. Did you know that the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection didn’t just happen by chance, but that it was planned and foretold centuries beforehand? It can be very encouraging to read passages that show Scripture coming true.

Thursday Video

Thursday Video - Emmett's Impact Night

Yesterday we introduced you to Emmett's story, a boy from Orange City, IA who suffered a stroke. Monday, April 15 a group of Emmett's family, friends, and classmates, with their parents, worked hard to raise funds to help with some of Emmett's medical expenses. The Orange City Pizza Ranch had a tremendous turnout and the workers had an incredible time coming together for this cause.

Wednesday Stories

Wednesday Story of Impact- Orange City, IA

Emmett is a 10-year-old from Orange City, IA who suffered a pontine stroke 2 weeks ago. Several employees at the Support Center know Emmett and his family through school and church related activities. Our entire organization has been lifting him up in prayer throughout his road to recovery.

Palm branch and cross

Tuesday Truth - Prepare Your Heart

Prepare your heart. During this Holy Week reflect, pray, and rejoice for all that He endured on our behalf. Prepare not only this week but prepare also for His return.

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Tuesday Truth - Grace for the Wandering

Tuesday Truth God’s grace extends to us, even when we’ve wandered away. Yesterday we looked at a few quick questions to check our spiritual health. If you’re feeling distant from God right now, know that God loves you and is waiting with open arms for you to turn to him.

Bible with Stethoscope

Monday Mission - Checkup

Monday Mission – Check your spiritual pulse We all go through physical and spiritual ups and downs throughout our lifetime. Where are you at right now? Take a few minutes to do a quick spiritual check.

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Friday Devotions- Self Validation

We live in a world that is very individualistic – tossing around phrases like “express yourself” and “live your best life”. We post things on social media to show others what we have or can do.

Thursday Video

Thursday Video - Passion

Even you have never seen "The Greatest Showman" starring Hugh Jackman (you should), this video clip is a great example of having passion. A…