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Friday Devotional - Praying for Others

There’s seldom a day that goes by where at least one of us is not struggling with some sort of need or problem. We all struggle with life from time to time and are all in need of prayer. The great news is that we gain strength as believers by bringing it and handing it over to God. A true blessing that most people jump on. But there’s another way we gain strength, and that’s by having others pray for us.

Monday Mission - Finish Strong

This time of year is full of school graduations in the United States. Whether it's high school, college, extra credit, or some type of…


Friday Devotional - Sacrifice

When we think of sacrifice we often think of giving up some time for something, maybe a certain kind of food, or some money. We also think of the lives sacrificed in the military. The origin of the word is much deeper than we tend to

Laptop with image that says "Work hard anywhere"

Thursday Thought - We're Created to Work

I read a book recently and was inspired by the message of how God created man and woman to work. Our modern day culture has us looking forward to the weekend or our next vacation or eventually retirement. But what if we're actually called to find joy in the work that we do each day?