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Pizza Ranch Inc. awarded the team at the Glenwood, MN Pizza Ranch with the outstanding Team of the Year Award at the company’s 2021 Awards Banquet held in Sioux Falls, SD on Tuesday, June 15th.

Rob & Melissa Lucus, Glenwood franchisees, presented the award to their team. “In the year that 2020 was, this team rose above it all, took on the changes, held each other accountable, and raised the bar on out-the-door transactions for Pizza Ranch. Each day, week, and month brought new challenges for this team to conquer and they did. Led by our manager, Susan, this team did the impossible in attaining sales, while not losing employees & growing the overall footprint of Pizza Ranch in this area of our world. We have guests coming to us that never even knew we existed in Glenwood, who now order from us on a regular basis. We know their work in the last year has made a true impact on our success. Their sprit and endurance in overcoming challenges last year was inspiring to us, and we are so proud of our team,” shared Rob.

The team in Glenwood worked together last year. I know they have a lot of fun, but they work hard at the same time, and they always put the customer first. I’m thrilled for their accomplishment and recognition as our Team of the Year.

Adrie Groeneweg; President & Founder

The award honors and recognizes the hard work, commitment, and dedication of the best Pizza Ranch team across the entire system for the year. Each member of the team received a Scheels gift card worth $150.

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