Friday Devotional - All Creation Sings Your Glory

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Friday Devotional - All Creation Sings Your Glory

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31

Friday Devotional
Combine and Grain Cart Harvesting a Feild of Corn
Photo by Loren King on Unsplash

It can be easy to be stirred to worship when you stand and witness the beauty of God’s creation. In fact, Psalm 8 talks about that specifically.

This psalm provides a lot of great imagery about God’s creation and specifically nature. But God’s creation is so much more than flowers, and trees, and waterfalls, and sunrises. God’s creation is everything – time, language, culture, mathematical processes, and of course mankind. God created humans with passions, talents, and gifts. When we get to see the people around us using the passions and gift’s God has given them that is “All Creation Singing God’s Glory!

For example when you see a teacher passionately pouring their heart into lesson planning, and prepping their classrooms so they can help teach and lead the next generation – "All Creation Sings God’s Glory!"

Or when you sit down at a restaurant and your delicious food is brought out to you and you know a cook in the back used his gifts as a chef to craft that meal for your enjoyment – "God, all Creation Sings your Glory!"

Or when you drive into work in the morning and you are watching the farmers harvest their crops using combines that were created and developed by engineers using the gifts God has given them – and the farmers are harvesting the crops they planted intentionally in the very best places to get the best yield for the land so they can feed not just our state & nation, but the whole globe – "Lord, ALL Creation sings your Glory!"

So my encouragement to you all as you finish out this week and head into this weekend – ask God to open your eyes and heart to see the how His creation is singing His glory – not just through nature, but through those around you as well.

Photo by Loren King on Unsplash