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Turn axiousness into excitement.

Friday Devotional – Turn it to Excitement

There’s a lot of anxious folks around here at Pizza Ranch, Inc. this week. People are scrambling to prepare well for the Pizza Ranch National Conference coming up. I think that everyone reading this can relate to the feelings of anxiousness once in a while.

Acts 8:26-40

Friday Devotional – Take a Leap of Faith

We’ve been going through the Book of Acts in our Pizza Ranch Bible reading group. A passage that has really stood out to me is Acts 8:26-40, which is the story of Philip and the Ethiopian. The Ethiopian was an important official

Psalms 60

Friday Devotional – Growing in Faith

We’ve been slowly walking through the Book of Psalms, and this week (Psalm 60) talks about 10 things God has done, 5 things David is requesting, and 10 different things God has spoken. But what stood out to me is how the passage conveys

Devotional - Tired

Friday Devotional – Tired

This week one of our ministry partners, LifeWise Academy, made national news with what they’re doing with public school Bible education during school hours (See LifeWise). The problem is when the news organizations don’t give all the information shared

Friday Devotional-How Deep the Father's Love for Us

Songs and music are my worship language and help bring me closer to God. One of my favorite songs for the Easter Season that has been on my heart lately is “How the Deep the Father’s love for Us” by Stuart Townend. This year this song has even deeper meaning for me as I recently lost my dad. This song brings comfort in knowing the realization of what Jesus’s sacrifice means.

Leaders Worth Following

Friday Devotional – Leaders Worth Following

When I was growing up there was a TV show called “The Twilight Zone.” It was amazing how the writers could bend and twist the minds of the viewer with the story lines they produced. It was fun to see how it ultimately all turned out. Sometimes I feel that same bend