Friday Devotional- Jesus in the Book of Esther

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Friday Devotional- Jesus in the Book of Esther

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31

Friday Devotional
Oh how Jesus loves us. He is interceding on our behalf.

We’ve been working through the Old Testament, looking for the New Testament Jesus 100’s even 1000’s of years before He was born. They’re all great stories on their own, but they absolutely paint a picture of who Jesus will be and what he’ll do for those who believe.

The Book of Esther takes place right after the Babylonians conquered the Jews and exiled many of them to Babylon. The Book starts out with the king of Babylon removing his queen because she refused to come before his officials at a feast. She didn’t do what he had wanted and was removed because of it. This is where Esther comes in. The king was counseled to find another queen. So, he had all the young virgins in the kingdom come to the palace so he could pick a new one. Esther, who was one of the exiled Jews, was also one of the virgins brought before the king. Esther ends up being picked and then was crowned queen.

Soon after Esther was crowned, she heard about a plot put together by the king’s right hand man, Haman. Haman was mad at one of Esther’s cousins named Mordecai because Mordecai had refused to bow down to him. But, Haman didn’t want to just get even with Mordecai, he wanted to kill all the Jews. What would Esther do? Persian law said that even as queen, if she went to the king without being invited, she could be put to death. She decided to help the Jews even if it cost her life. So, Esther went to the king and revealed Haman’s evil plot to kill. In the end, Haman was put to death, and the Jews were saved.

What does this have to do with us? Well we find ourselves in a similar position. We are unable to approach God to ask for help on our own. We’re too unworthy to approach God to plead for our lives. In Esther’s story we see how God saves His people through Esther’s intercession. She intercedes for the people. She was the only one able and willing to risk her life approaching the king. She stood in the place of the rest of the Jews to plead for their salvation. She risked her life so that they may have life. It was only through her intercession that God’s people were saved. And so, Jesus does the same for us that Esther did for her people. Jesus is/was willing to give up His life so that we might live. Jesus stands before God on our behalf and it’s only because He intercedes for us that we are saved…that we are declared not guilty. Thank you Lord!

Photo Credit: Jesus Is My Rock Ministries