Friday Devotional – The Shepherd's Blessing

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Friday Devotional – The Shepherd's Blessing

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31

Sheep grazing in a green pasture

Psalm 23 is a very familiar passage to many. Although it doesn’t actually talk about sheep, the chapter paints a beautiful picture of a shepherd taking care of his flock. Sheep are animals that are completely dependent on the shepherd, and so the shepherd watches, protects, fights for, and guides the sheep along the way. Just like sheep, the passage shows us that God’s children are completely dependent on the Lord as well. When we stray, stumble, or go our own way, we too find ourselves in dangerous situations.

Here’s some blessings that The Shepherd brings to the sheep (us):

  1. We have the Lord as our shepherd (vs 1)
  2. We have no want (vs 1)
  3. We rest in choice green pastures (vs 2)
  4. We have guidance to the still, deep waters (vs 2)
  5. We are restored when tired (vs 3)
  6. We are lead the right ways (vs 3)
  7. We have safe passage through (vs 4)
  8. We don’t need to fear (vs 4)
  9. We have the comfort of both the rod and staff. One protects, the other guides (vs 4)
  10. We get full tables of food prepared for us even when enemies are around (vs 5)
  11. We’re anointed (vs 5)
  12. Our cup overflows (vs 5)
  13. We can be confident (vs 6)
  14. We can have Faith (vs 6)

May we each follow The Shepherd's leading. And, may we each receive all that The Shepherd brings. In Jesus' name.

Photo by Andreas Haslinger via Unsplash