Thursday Thought - How did Noah and his family survive on the Ark?

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Thursday Thought - How did Noah and his family survive on the Ark?

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31

Noahs Ark

How did Noah and his family survive on the Ark?

Many people know the story of Noah's Ark from the Bible. Whether when you were a kid and you heard the story at church or from a book. Or as an adult maybe you caught references to it from different Hollywood movies or shows. But the story goes that a guy named Noah went on a "boat" with a bunch of animals and survived a massive flood.

Usually the books we see show a small boat with a bunch of giraffe heads sticking out of it, or maybe a camel standing at the front, or even an elephant trunk coming out of a window. It's made to think that it is a fable.

However, Christians know that God gave Noah very specific instructions on how to build the Ark so that it would not only float and not sink but that every kind of animal and necessary plant could be placed on the Ark and survive a global flood. Click here for the passage from the Bible.

If you're able to visit the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, USA you will see that it wasn't a small boat. They built an exact replica of the Ark using the measurements given to Noah from God. And it is actually a huge barge-like ship. Then if you're able to go inside, you will spend hours upon hours seeing and reading about how this all could have been possible. Click here for the website to the Ark Encounter.

There are many arguments out there about whether or not it was possible (or even real) that Noah and his family, the animals, and all necessary plants survived on this Ark during a global flood. One thing that we do know is that in the Bible, Jesus references the flood of Noah in both Matthew 24:37-39 and Luke 17:26. And there are several other New Testament references to the flood of Noah. If Christians are to believe Jesus as the Truth then all of His words are to be held as true. As is all of Scripture.

These are great questions to ponder as you go about your days and weeks: Was there really a global flood? Did Noah build an Ark and carry inside of it all living things needed for this earth? How could this have been true or real?

May God bless you today and forever more!