Wednesday Stories of Impact--Hull Pizza Ranch Continues to Provides Impact!

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Wednesday Stories of Impact--Hull Pizza Ranch Continues to Provides Impact!

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31

Hull Fire

This week's story of impact comes from the oldest location in our chain! Yes, from our very own original Hull Pizza Ranch! The Hull Pizza Ranch is where it all started, and this location has been a beacon of support to the Hull community since 1981! General Manager Jennifer Saavedra and team continue to impact their town in many amazing ways!

Recently, Jennifer and team exemplified our Pizza Ranch Way and the spirit of doing the right thing by springing into action when they learned about the fire on the edge of town affecting another local business. "When Caseys had their fire, we brought the fire dept and EMTs breakfast pizzas for their hard work. We also fed the Casey's employees who were there." reported Jennifer.

Jennifer further shared, "We try to have a positive impact on the community, especially those who are struggling. We were also made aware, recently, of 3 different families who had been dealing with cancer diagnosis. We sent them each a card with a PR gift card with a note saying 'we're thinking of you, and hope this little gift helps from your PR family'. We also did this for a few guests who recently had surgeries, in the past have done this for other guests who were involved in house fires and accidents as well."

Thank you Jennifer and the Hull Pizza Ranch team for your dedicated service and for continuing to make an impact in the Hull community!