Wednesday Stories of Impact - Mobridge Pizza Ranch

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Wednesday Stories of Impact - Mobridge Pizza Ranch

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31

Wednesday Stories of Impact
Service From the Heart

Hello Pizza Ranch my name is Marge sheer I'm 71 years old from Nampa Idaho. I would like to tell you about a wonderful lady I met while passing through Mobridge South Dakota. It was getting to be late in the evening when I was coming across the big bridge and my low tire light came on. I pulled into Dollar General store ask them if there was a service station open they informed me they were all closed. Not sure what to do I stood in the entry way to call local 911 to find out about a towing service but my prayers were answered when this lovely lady asked me if I needed help. She introduced herself as Lisa. I took her to my car and it was clear my tire was going flat. She backed her van up to my car and got to work. It was freezing cold that evening I'm not sure what the temps were but it was very cold she told me to warm up in her van while she changed my tire. I watched as she worked in the cold to put my extra tire on. When Lisa finished she informed me not to go to far on the spare tire. Lisa helped me locate a room at the Wrangler hotel (very nice place). I offered Lisa money for what she did but she absolutely refused I was thankful she allowed me to give her a hug. Next day before I left after I got my tire fixed I went to the Pizza Ranch to see her. What a super place!! The food was so good! I'm very thankful for Lisa and just figured you would want to know you have a wonderful young lady on your team. I look forward to going there again but only when it's a little bit warmer.

Very thankful

Thank you Lisa for your genuine care for others!