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Wednesday Stories of Impact - Bethesda Christian Counseling

All of us will experience pain and brokenness at some point in our lives because we live in a fallen world. Most people have a variety of past wounds. These wounds frequently have a negative impact on our emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and relationships. Bethesda Christian Counseling understands that during these times, more than ever, we need someone who will understand and guide us back to a positive life path that is not only fulfilling in emotional, physical and mental needs but in spiritual needs as well.

Burlington, WI Team with Knit Teddy Bear Sweaters

Wednesday Story of Impact - Knit Sweaters

Sometimes we make an impact on someone's life, and don't even realize it. At some point during the Burlington, WI pre opening, a manager had a conversation with a guest months ago who was overjoyed to hear Pizza Ranch was coming to his town. Though this manager didn't realize how much of a profound impact he was having on the guest, this man and his wife were touched.