Larsen & Cronin Named Franchisees of the Year


Larsen & Cronin Named Franchisees of the Year

Franchisee of the Year Award Steve Terry Rapid City

KEYSTONE, CO – Terry Larsen & Steve Cronin were named Franchisees of the Year by Pizza Ranch Inc. at the company’s 2023 Awards Banquet held at the Keystone Conference Center in Keystone, Colorado.

The Franchisee of the Year Award celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of a Pizza Ranch franchisee and their commitment to the Pizza Ranch brand. Pizza Ranch Inc. is honored to recognize their hard work and dedication to Pizza Ranch and their communities.

Larsen’s parents opened the Pizza Ranch in Fort Pierre, South Dakota in the early 1990s which they still own and operate today. Larsen got his start working for his parents in the dish room where Cronin also worked. Their lives called them down different paths for awhile, but Larsen & Cronin came together as business partners in 2010 to open their first Pizza Ranch in Rapid City, South Dakota. The store performed well, and in 2013 the team took on the task of opening a second location less than 10 miles down the road. Getting the second location up and running was difficult, but both Larsen & Cronin were up to the challenge. Their second Rapid City location will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary this coming September.

Pizza Ranch Founder and President Adrie Groeneweg awarded the honor to Larsen & Cronin, “Terry’s parents opened the Fort Pierre location in 1992, and Pizza Ranch has been a part of Terry’s life ever since. Steve got his start working alongside the Larsens in Fort Pierre. I am so thankful Steve and Terry have found their passion for the Pizza Ranch brand and are leading a second generation of Pizza Ranch managers & franchisees. Their path has not always been easy, but through hard work they helped build and strengthen the Pizza Ranch brand in a way the whole chain can look up to.”

Both Larsen and Cronin took time to address the room following the presentation of the award. Cronin closed the evening stating, “We are very humbled and honored to receive the 2022 Franchisee of The Year Award. We thank our awesome managers and team members for their hard work, loyalty, and dedication in helping us achieve this award.”

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