Thursday Thought - Faith Like a Child

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Thursday Thought - Faith Like a Child

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31

Thursday Thoughts
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Every night at my daughters’ bedtime, I snuggle up in bed with one of my girls (we have twin daughters and my husband and I alternate girls every night). Our routine is to read a story, pray and then chat about anything else she’s thinking about before she drifts off to sleep. The other night after prayer time, she was asking about whether God tells me what to pray for. I told her that while He doesn’t “tell” me what to pray for, the Bible does tell us that we should thank God for our blessings, pray for those who need prayer, and ask God to help us love others and Him the best that we can.

We have a few people that we pray for every night, one of whom is a coworker and friend of mine who is going through some really tough health issues right now. My daughter was asking about him and how he’s doing. I gave her an update that she would understand – my daughter is just 6 years old. I told her that our friend has stitches and they should be coming out soon, that he has some bad sickness and has to take really strong medicine that makes him really tired… but that God is keeping him strong and we keep praying that God will be with him even when he’s tired and doesn’t feel very good. That God will keep our friend close during this time.

Her response? “I think so too Mommy.”

That was it – full confidence that God will do what He says He will do, just because He’s good and He’s God. It was such a powerful reminder to me that 1) God is good, all the time and 2) the example we set for our kids matters. How we frame the world, our beliefs, our trust, our fears, our hopes – it all matters and they trust us to lead them in the right direction.

I pray today that those of us who are in positions of influence lean into God’s faithfulness and truths; that we will know them and believe them enough to share those with full confidence to those who look to us to guide them. He is good and trustworthy; may we believe that ourselves with full confidence as well.

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