Tuesday Truth - Decapolis

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Tuesday Truth - Decapolis

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31


The Decapolis is mentioned by name only three times in the New Testament. In the Greek language, "Decapolis" means "10 cities". When you read "The Decapolis" in the Bible it is talking about the following 10 cities:

  1. Scythopolis
  2. Hippos
  3. Gadara
  4. Raphana
  5. Dion
  6. Pella
  7. Gerasa
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Canatha
  10. Damascus

Many of these cities were founded by Greek soldiers who settled in these areas after the Roman conquest in 63 B.C. Most of the citizens of the 10 cities wanted nothing to do with organized religion, and certainly nothing to do with Jesus' ministry. Yet they were very close to the groundswell of the early church of believers in Christ.

It is interesting to think about how many people who had lived their whole lives believing in no gods, not even the God of the Bible. But then due to the message of faith in Christ being shared by early believers with them they turned from their hard hearts and have faith in Jesus. And when I think about that same fact today...there are so many people that are in cities with no faith, within proximity of so many people of great faith. It is the calling of all believers in Christ to make His name known to the current day "Decapolis", wherever that might be for each individual person.