Friday Devotional - A Prayer

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Friday Devotional - A Prayer

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31

Friday Devotional
Jack sharp Opt Es Fu Zwo Q unsplash

What a blessing it is to find out people have been praying for us. Right? To know that others have taken time to lift us up to the Lord in prayer. It’s special. It’s just one of the blessings of being a believer.

Here’s a prayer that we prayed at the Pizza Ranch Support Center this morning:

Adapted from Psalm 20:

“May the Lord answer you in times of trouble. (for they will come)
May the God of Jacob protect you.
2 May He send you help from his Holy Place.
May He lift you up from Heaven.
3 May He remember, and use, all your gifts and talents.
May He accept all your efforts and sacrifices.
4 May He give you all you need.
May He make all your plans successful.
5 Then…We….We will all celebrate what He has done.
We will praise the name of God.

A few truths that we learn from Psalm 20 and additional verses:

  1. The Lord answers in times of trouble (vs 1; 34:15-19; 37:39; 59:16)
  2. The Lord will defend you (vs 1; 82:3)
  3. The Lord will send help (vs 2)
  4. The Lord will strengthen you (vs 2)
  5. The Lord will grant your hearts desire and petitions (vs 4-5; 34:9-10; 84:11; Matthew 21:22)
  6. The Lord can be trusted (vs 6-7; 125:1)

May the Lord give you everything you ask for as you press into Him, follow Him, and use your gifts for Him. In Jesus name.

Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash