Friday Devotional - Will you act or react

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Friday Devotional - Will you act or react

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
— 1 Corinthians 10:31

Friday Devotional
Words spoken

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Will You Act or React?

ACTION: Speak words that encourage

Think about all the discouraging words we hear in a typical day. We hear them at work. We hear them on the road as we drive. We hear them in the news. We hear them from voices all around us, maybe even at home. My question to you is: Do you contribute to the discouraging words that someone is being inundated with or do you offer words that encourage, bless and uplift?

If you are just another discouraging voice to the people around you, then you are not a reflection of Christ, but rather a reflection of the world. Why do I say this? Jesus said that His disciples should be salt and light to the world. This means that we season it and shed light on darkness… His light. We cannot do this if we join the negative voices people hear.

They must see and hear that Jesus is their encourager, and His work of encouragement flows through those of us who are encouraged by Him. So the question is: Is He loving and encouraging you? If so, then give what He gives to you away and you will receive new encouragement from Him in return. If you are not encouraged, maybe it’s because you have backed up the flow of Christ’s encouragement to you and you are stagnated?

I have found that God gives back to us what we give away to someone else in need. Therefore, if you are discouraged and you need to be encouraged, look for someone who needs it as well and offer words that will uplift that person. Before long you will see God uplifting you. Words spoken that reflect Christ in you honors God, and He will let you know that he is pleased.