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stop sign

Friday Devotional - Stop & Pause

In the last month, my family and I have had the opportunity to see so much beauty in this country. We’ve seen fields, hills, valleys, trees, rivers, lakes, mountains, sunsets, and sunrises. I’m thankful to be someone who sees God in all of it. The mornings seem to be my favorite because it’s more of the quiet part of the day for me. The older I get, the earlier I get up simply to enjoy my time alone with God and my cup of coffee.

I am The Way and The Truth and The Life

Thursday Thought - Receiving God's Best for Your Life

Surrendering your life to Jesus plans has always felt a little scary to me. What will he ask of me? Will I have to give up things? What if I don't like the direction he tells me to go? Recently I read a book that challenged me and reminded me of a few key things that helped put my mind at ease.

"This is the Sign You've Been Looking For"

Tuesday Truth - Signs from God

God gives us signs telling us which way to go. So often we want the directions to be something as clear as a large neon sign that grabs our attention and spells out exactly what we should do. I've never yet had God show up in a physical written sign. But I have felt strong convictions that left me with a very clear directive on what he desired.

Summer time at the pool

Monday Mission - Take a Break

What says summer more than an afternoon at the pool? Summer break for my kids and many others is more than 1/2 over already. Have you been to the pool yet? Or if the pool isn't your families favorite past-time, have you made time to enjoy some time with your family during this summer break?