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Mustard Seeds

Monday Mission - Pray Boldly

How big is your faith? Is it big enough to pray bold prayers? Is it big enough to brave the trials of life? Is it big enough to accomplish what God has called you to do?

Blank Note Card

Monday Mission - Take a Minute to Encourage

Take a moment to think about the last time someone gave you a compliment. How did it make you feel? Did it make you smile? Did it brighten your day? It’s crazy to think about how just a heartfelt sentence or two can change someone’s bad attitude or give them confidence as they go about their day. We see several times in Paul’s letters to the early churches reminders to encourage one another...

Summer time at the pool

Monday Mission - Take a Break

What says summer more than an afternoon at the pool? Summer break for my kids and many others is more than 1/2 over already. Have you been to the pool yet? Or if the pool isn't your families favorite past-time, have you made time to enjoy some time with your family during this summer break?

Two people with heads down together on a couch. One lady has her head in her hand and holding the hands of the other lady in prayer.

Monday Mission - Sad Days and Bad Days

Sometimes we don't have the right words to express ourselves adequately when we or someone else is having a bad, sad, mad, day. I want to tell you that it's ok! We don't always have to express ourselves with words. Prayer has the power to overcome our inadequacies so God can be present and at work in us and through us.

Man standing in a valley looking at which path he should take

Monday Mission - Facing Indecision

As you think back on your life, you can probably think of a time you faced a difficult decision. Maybe you are facing one currently. There are several ways God has given us to help guide our decision-making process as we strive to move forward in faith.