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Herd of Rams moving through a Desert Valley

Tuesday Truth - Move Forward in Confidence

As we face difficult decisions, one thing we can be confident in is that if we stay obedient to God, we will be blessed. One decision might lead us down a path with more trials than other options, but as long as we flee from what is evil and cling to what is good, we will make it through the trials and find blessings.

1932 Lighthouse on the Kauai coast

Tuesday Truth - God Guides and Protects

The word "Lighthouse" is mentioned zero times in the Bible but I would imagine that if lighthouses were functioning in Jesus time he would have a fun metaphor or story about them. The purpose of the lighthouse is simple.

A person reading the bible

Tuesday Truth - Asking for Wisdom

Remember how I indicated in yesterday's devotions that we should seek God's wisdom and help? So, this is how we should approach God regarding anything and everything.

hand holding glasses away from body with image of trees, grass in focus through the lens.

Tuesday Truth - God Glasses

What did you think of yesterday's challenge? Is there something you need to remind yourself of frequently?  Don't put yourself down for needing the reminder, but let the Holy Spirit use it to draw your deeper into your relationship with God.

3 loaves of bread

Tuesday Truth - I am the Bread of Life

I love bread, it's one of my favorite foods. Bread has been a staple food for centuries. Bread is a pretty basic food that can be prepared with just a few ingredients. It's a pretty simple way to provide nourishment to hungry bellies throughout the world. Jesus explains in John 6:32-35, that he is the "Bread of Life." What does that really mean?

Tuesday Truth - Good Fruit vs. Bad Fruit

In Matthew 7:15-20, Jesus spent some time talking about Good Fruit vs. Bad Fruit. Similar to the Fruits of the Spirit we talked about yesterday, Jesus taught that people will know His followers based on the fruit that they produce: