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Psalm 91:11

Thursday Thoughts- Interesting Facts About Angels

I still remember when I was a young kid, seeing different pictures of what Angels looked like and descriptions of the different things they did. I didn't have a whole lot of understanding about them. I still don't completely understand them so I looked up some facts about them online.

Thursday Thoughts - Fear Not!

Did you know the Bible contains 365 verses that state ‘fear not’? That’s one for everyday of the year! God’s inspired word is no coincidence and his providence is over all.

Depiction of Noah's ark and floodwaters

Thursday Thought- Noah's Flood

Do you ever wonder about some of the events that took place in Genesis? I came across this website that helped me think about The Flood and Noah's Ark in a new way. Check out some of their points and the web link for more information on each of these points: