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Person reading the bible

Wednesday Story of Impact - Bible League International

The vision of Bible League International is this, "We desire to see thriving local churches around the world offering salvation, life change, and hope through biblically-based training and resources that meet the spiritual, moral and social needs of their communities." Wow! That's a whole lot more than distributing bibles.

Wednesday Story of Impact - Never Forgotten

This week's story of impact is a story that comes from our Storm Lake Pizza Ranch location! On September 22, 2014, a 16 year old named Conner Wieland died in a tragic farming accident that shook the nearby Alta Aurelia community. During that time our general manager and owners of the Storm Lake Pizza Ranch started to help raise money with the Conner Weiland Scholarship Fund. This fund was set up to help support scholarships for Alta-Aurelia high school seniors who were pursuing a career in agriculture and to carry-on the memory of Conner and his passion for farming and the agriculture industry.

Image of High School Mission Team with CIN Logo

Wednesday Story of Impact - Love in Action

This week as we talk about love – both reflecting on the love shown to us and digging into the command Christ gave us to love – I thought it would be appropriate to pause and take some time to look at one (of many) example of love-in-action we here at the Pizza Ranch Support Center get to see going on across our chain!