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Wednesday Story of Impact – Prayer Requests

I’ve always felt like the Pizza Ranch Support Center is a special place to work for a lot of reasons. I get along with pretty everyone here, have a great team I get to work with every day and (because #honesty) there’s usually some sort of pizza or other snacks in the breakroom.

Group of 8 people standing around a big check written for Special Olympics impact night

Wednesday Stories of Impact

The Vermillion Pizza Ranch recently hosted a community impact night for the USD Unified Special Olympics and helped to raise $691.33 for the event! Great job to the USD Unified Special Olympics group who did an amazing job promoting their event, and additionally a shout out to the Vermillion team for providing support to this successful Community Impact Night!

Wednesday Story of Impact - Bibles & Breakfast

As we talk about the power of new thinking and new creations this week, some pastors and high schoolers are doing just that every week near the Andover and Champlin Pizza Ranches. Every Thursday, a local high school opens to allow a pastor from a nearby church and nearly 100 students to gather before the school day starts to be fed both spiritually and physically – they hear the truth from God’s Word and eat breakfast together.

Abbie with her Grandparents outside of Abbie's Room

Wednesday Story of Impact - Sensory Room at Oak Park Heights Pizza Ranch

Message from Ernie Swanson Jr. ~ Our daughter Abbie was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. We know first hand how difficult it is to go out as a family. People with Autism can have many different sensory issues. Bright lights, loud music, large crowds can cause them to have melt downs. Some are even prone to wander and have loud outbursts. This causes families to basically isolate themselves. We know many families that have never been able to take their child out to a restaurant...