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Stories of Impact – Pella, IA

On Monday, February 13, The Pella Pizza Ranch hosted a Community Impact Night for the Pella Fire Department to kick off their fundraising for the American Lung Association. Over 20 members of the Fire Department participated in bussing tables, talking with guests, and even delivering pizzas with their fire trucks! The volunteers took it a […]

Stories of Impact – Pizza Ranch

Every Tuesday & Thursday time is dedicated at the start of morning at the Pizza Ranch Support Center to lift up prayers as a team.  Prayer requests come in from many places:, from the community, from Pizza Ranch restaurants and Pizza Ranch Support Center team members.  We have been blessed to see the Holy […]

Stories of Impact – Sergeant Bluff, IA

Last week, the Sergeant Bluff Pizza Ranch hosted a Community Impact Night for Tri-State Soccer players to help fund team travel to several out of state tournaments. It was held on Tuesday, which is the restaurant’s Kids’ Night, so the 15 teenage-boy soccer players who were volunteering stayed plenty busy the whole evening! The Pizza […]

Stories of Impact – Donations

Pizza Ranches all across the Midwest live out the idea of being engaged in their communities. This week, we are highlighting two times when locations willingly donated pizzas to support a local event. On January 18, blood drive workers from the Wisconsin chapter of the Red Cross enjoyed pizza courtesy of the Baraboo Pizza Ranch. […]

Stories of Impact – Columbus, NE

A school in Columbus, NE has a program called the Snack Pack they take a back pack and fill it with 2 entrees, 2 snacks, 2 desserts and then on Friday children who are less fortunate will get a meal for the weekend in the Snack Pack.  The Pizza Ranch in Columbus donated 150 small […]

Stories of Impact – Joel Penton

Take a look at this short video from our ministry partners, Stand for Truth.  Joel Penton and the band “Attaboy” are doing amazing work visiting youth and school systems within our Pizza Ranch towns chain wide!  Their work is, no doubt, having lasting impact for years to come! Thanks for all you do Joel and […]

Stories of Impact – Clinton, IA

Pizza Ranch loves to give back to the community and support the local schools.  Pizza Ranch in Clinton, IA had a Community Impact Night with Morrison Schools Foundation NFP.  They are grateful to everyone who came out to support Morrison Schools.  Also grateful to the generous guests, great volunteers and legendary Ranch Hands who worked […]

Stories of Impact – Weston, WI

The Pizza Ranch in Weston, WI recently shared this story.  It was an elderly guest’s 94th birthday and he was at the restaurant with his family.  The staff went out to sing Happy Birthday but noticed he wasn’t really breathing well.  The family didn’t even notice right away.  Bill one of the staff members asked […]

Stories of Impact – South Dakota

Several of our South Dakota restaurants are taking the 12 Days of Christmas to a new and more generous level. The idea started when a movie producer from South Dakota was having lunch with a local teacher and asked if the students were excited for Christmas. The teacher’s response was quite unexpected as she told […]