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Sioux Falls Pizza with Police

Stories of Impact - Pizza with Police

The Sioux Falls Police Department posted this on their Facebook page, , and we are so thankful for their service and thank the Sioux Falls 41st Street Pizza Ranch for working in conjunction with the department for their outreach event.

Wednesday Story of Impact - La Crosse Blessing Bags

On the evening December 24th when most of the community was busy making dinner, going to Church Service and enjoying family time. Tristen and her Ranch Hands at La Crosse spent the night creating "blessing bags." These bags used funds set aside for holiday party as well as donations from Ranch Hands themselves.

Wednesday Stories of Impact--Baby Jesus

This week's story of impact is a foundational one. It's the reminder of the birth of baby Jesus! Jesus was born to set us free and because of His birth we now have hope in eternity with our God in Heaven! The impact of Jesus's birth is the greatest impact story of all, and one in which I hope that you can find meaning in the days, weeks, and year to come! Amen