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2 girls helping with Lifewise Open House in Boyden, IA

Stories of Impact - Lifewise Academy Launches in Iowa Community

Lifewise is one of the organizations that Pizza Ranch partners with, and we're excited to have our first Lifewise Academy program launch in Iowa this past Friday. The Lifewise Academy program allows for elementary students attending public schools to be released once a week for religious instruction time. Who knew such an amazing opportunity was even legal? But it is!

Wednesday Story of Impact – Wichita Positivity Wall

One way to inspire hope is encouraging those around you. General Manager, Donnie, is doing just that with his team in Wichita by creating a Positivity Wall in their restaurant. Team members can submit anonymous messages about other team members and leaders; these messages are then written on a white board for all to see.

Sketch of Paul and Barnabas on the deck of a Ship

Wednesday Story of Impact - Barnabas

One of the disciples of the early church was a man named Joseph. Joseph was a very special man, and for that he earned himself a nickname – Barnabas. Barnabas means “Son of Encouragement”. Barnabas went on a missionary journey with Paul, helped start churches, and helped spread the truth of the Gospel.

Wednesday -Community Impact

On June 10-11, our ministry partner Rise Ministries held their annual Christian Musical Festival called Rise Fest in Sheldon, Iowa. The two-day festival featured music, speakers, seminars, games, and other activities for people of all ages to share the gospel.