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Friday Devotional - "Good Friday"

Today is “Good Friday,” the day we remember when Jesus was crucified on the cross. Did you know that the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection didn’t just happen by chance, but that it was planned and foretold centuries beforehand? It can be very encouraging to read passages that show Scripture coming true.

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Friday Devotions- Self Validation

We live in a world that is very individualistic – tossing around phrases like “express yourself” and “live your best life”. We post things on social media to show others what we have or can do.

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Friday Devotional- The Impact of Saul

We’ve been going through the Book of Acts here at the Pizza Ranch Support Center. The Book of Acts introduces us to two important men. Last week we learned about Stephen. He’s the one who had filled a need in the early church and was then killed for doing it. Today, we’ll learn of a man named Saul.

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Friday Devotional - Unity of Believers

We’ve been working through the Book of Acts, watching the early church flourish. The Spirit of God was moving. But then something started to happen, again. There was some division among the Christians.

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Friday Devotional - Misery Into Rejoicing

We’ve been traveling through the Book of Acts seeing amazing, life changing things happen. There have been miraculous signs and wonders filling the believers with excitement and unity. More and more people are becoming believers. We see God at work in great and powerful ways.


Friday Devotional - From the Head to the Heart

Our Vision Statement at Pizza Ranch is, “To glorify God by positively impacting the world.” This week during our devotion and prayer time we saw how the early church was trying to do the same thing and having great success.

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Friday Devotional - No Masks

If you want to see Christians thriving, look at the end of Acts 4. They are united, empowered, and strong with a sense of togetherness that many had never experienced before. So much so that they begin to give away even their most valuable possessions for the sake of the gospel message. But then something happens.

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Friday Devotional - Against the Grain

Acts 4:23-31 introduces us to a believers prayer. Peter and John had just come back from being questioned, threatened, and put in jail for miraculously healing a crippled man in the name of Jesus. After telling the other believers what had happened, they all decided to pray.