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a photo appearing to be coming from inside a wave in the ocean

Friday Devotional - When the Waves Toss You

Growing up in California, the sand, water, and sky of the beach were commonplace for me. I even met my bride at the beach. If you have any experience with being in the ocean, you know it can be so nice. You also know that the waves can be unpredictable. The forces of wind, gravity and tide can make things treacherous. I’ve had it before where I was lifted up in about 10 feet of water, and dumped onto the seemingly dry sand. It can be like being stuck in a washing machine if the waves are big. Other times however, it can be more soothing. One of my favorite things to do is to go out just past the breaking waves, and jump off the bottom as the waves come in, letting the waves take me up and then slowly let me back down again. But even standing in the ocean pushes folks around.

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Friday Devotional- Hands and Feet of Jesus

At our staff meeting yesterday we discussed a few examples of things we are doing to glorify God by positively impacting the world. Great, Kingdom building stuff. Not all of them are “ministries” but all involve “ministry.” Today we’re going to talk about two things each of us, if we claim Jesus as our savior, must do to make this happen. These things must be done no matter our skill level, gifts, personality, strength, weaknesses or desires.

Friday Devotional - Praying for Others

There’s seldom a day that goes by where at least one of us is not struggling with some sort of need or problem. We all struggle with life from time to time and are all in need of prayer. The great news is that we gain strength as believers by bringing it and handing it over to God. A true blessing that most people jump on. But there’s another way we gain strength, and that’s by having others pray for us.


Friday Devotional - Sacrifice

When we think of sacrifice we often think of giving up some time for something, maybe a certain kind of food, or some money. We also think of the lives sacrificed in the military. The origin of the word is much deeper than we tend to

Friday Devotional – Abundantly More

I remember I received something special from my grandpa, if you’ve been in my office you’ve seen them. I have on display of trinkets on my bookshelves. Probably a third of what I actually have ownership of (I displayed

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Friday Devotional- Fruits of the Spirit

The world tells us to indulge ourselves in whatever we want. Whatever makes us happy. To live for self. To say whatever we want…even if it’s hurtful. And we better not stand for anything in the Bible because it will offend folks. And if we do, we could be considered a terrible person. The problem for Christians is that the Bible says something very different. From front to back it’s very clear. We are to: 1) serve and love God and others, and 2) walk by the Holy Spirit.

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Friday Devotional - Many Benefits

The benefits of accepting Christ as our Savior are vast. It’s a free gift for all who want it. When we give our life to Christ, we receive much more than just eternal life. We are more than just sinners saved by grace. These things are wonderful, and I am excited about them, but there’s so much more to it.