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Wednesday Stories of Impact - Service From the Heart

At Pizza Ranch, we have 6 Key Business Drivers and we hold all of them with equal importance. That said, we celebrate when our restaurants do any one of these extraordinarily well. About a month ago, the Wichita, KS Pizza Ranch really did an amazing job of executing the KBD “Service From the Heart.”

Monday Mission - Trust God's Timing

I come from a family who runs late. You could pretty much plan on us being 10 (ish) minutes late to just about anything (and cutting it dangerously close to church). I married into a family who runs early. Similarly, they run about 10 minutes early (give or take).

Person outside on a sidewalk holding a handwritten cardboard sign that reads "God Bless".

Friday Devotional - Blessings

Listening to a sermon a few days ago. He was talking about bad things that happen and how for those who trust in Jesus, they can have hope. He talked about a man in their church (a family fried on mine) who was diagnosed with Stage 4B Cancer last year, and how he’s turned that death sentence into life. So, maybe that’s the point of today -> that even in the face of hardship, we should look to the giver of life and focus on that.

Friday Devotional- Saint vs. Sinner

Last week I brought up this idea of seeing ourselves as “saints” instead of “sinners.” It’s brought up a lot of discussion here at the Pizza Ranch Support Center, so I’d like to revisit this again. So often we talk of ourselves as “sinners saved by grace” and this is of course true, but sometimes that simply gives us the “okay” to sin. There is so much more to it: