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Friday Devotional- Taken

Psalm 49, a passage that points at things that get in the way of living for the Lord, can be difficult to read. Very convicting. (Read Ps 49 here). The good news is that it ends with such promise. Psalm 49: 15 says, “But God will redeem my life from the grave; He will surely take me to himself.”

For King and Country band

Thursday - Video

As I was waiting for the concert to start I was reading the bio for these young men and wow they have had some life challenges and then hearing their music it just really says they believe in God's power! Here is the bio if you have a few minutes please read and then listen to the song.

Rock Valley, Iowa

Monday Mission - Community

​This week we are focusing on Community and how important community is to us! Rock Valley, Iowa is a great example of community when the flood waters rose, the community

James 1:17 Bible Verse

Friday Devotional - 100 Blessings

How often do you think about the blessings in your life? Do you thank God for things like family, friends, food, health, etc? Those are great and you should be thanking God for them, but what if I said

Thursday Video

Thursday Video - This is the Pizza Ranch

Every summer we gather our Pizza Ranch staff, franchisees, managers, team members and family members for a couple days of celebrations, reviewing where we've been, learning new tools, and just enjoying everyone being together. This year the opening...