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Tuesday Truths - Your Priceless Inheritance

The Bible talks of a different kind of inheritance. One that is given to us when we pass away. An inheritance that is priceless and unchanging. We'll leave behind our earthly possessions, and instead receive a priceless inheritance that awaits us in our heavenly home.

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Monday Mission - Be Silent, Be Still, Be Calm

This story in Exodus is about God rescuing the Israelites from the Egyptians. If you have a few minutes, read the entire chapter. Different translations word this verse differently. Notice the word at the end of each verse. Silent. Calm. Still.

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Friday Devotional - Following Jesus

In today’s culture, what does following someone mean? Who are you following? In the age of smartphones, Facebook, Instagram, etc. we “follow” so many people. Who we follow likely ranges from our closest friends or relatives to people we don’t even know. Is how we follow Jesus different?

Thursday Thought - Light of the World

There are many reasons why I’m thankful that I wasn’t born 100+ years ago: I like air-conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Despite my best efforts, I’m a terrible gardener (maybe this summer will be the year!). Cooking is fun for me, but not when I must make 3 meals every day until I die.

Wednesday Story of Impact - La Crosse Blessing Bags

On the evening December 24th when most of the community was busy making dinner, going to Church Service and enjoying family time. Tristen and her Ranch Hands at La Crosse spent the night creating "blessing bags." These bags used funds set aside for holiday party as well as donations from Ranch Hands themselves.

Tuesday Truth - With Us in the Fire

When we think about examples of fire in the Bible, there’s a few that come to mind, but one more quickly than the others – the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. A quick recap if it’s been a hot minute (get it, hot? 😉) since you’ve been to Sunday School:

Monday Mission - Fire's Result

I’m not one to talk about high school very often, but in the last 2 weeks, it’s come up several times. The high school I went to wasn’t the wealthy high school in my area. It wasn’t the nicest and we weren’t the best in sports. Off-handedly I joked that “well, if the fire doesn’t destroy you, it will refine you!”

Psalm 55

Friday Devotional – Trust

In my lifetime, now more than ever, we seem to have a country in turmoil, there is craziness and danger everywhere, and false reports and slander seem to be the norm. It makes me angry sometimes. It makes me feel powerless…like there’s nothing

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Thursday Thoughts - When You Don’t Feel Like It

We all struggle with spiritual discouragement and lethargy. Some days our circumstances threaten to overwhelm us, and we struggle just to pray. Many times we just don’t feel like doing the things we know we should. For one reason or another, God sometimes seems far off and unreachable.