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Sioux Falls Pizza with Police

Stories of Impact - Pizza with Police

The Sioux Falls Police Department posted this on their Facebook page, , and we are so thankful for their service and thank the Sioux Falls 41st Street Pizza Ranch for working in conjunction with the department for their outreach event.

Monday Mission - Start Small

We are almost through the first month of the 2024 calendar. Many people set goals for the year, or decided on January 1st they…

Suit of Armer standing in a hallway

Dressing for Battle

Being in the heart of the Midwest (& surviving last week) none of us are strangers to extremely cold temperatures. Last week I watched as my husband bundled up in countless layers of clothing to take our dog on a 40-minute walk. It got me thinking about how diligent we are in dressing to protect against extreme weather, but do we have the same diligence in our spiritual health & climate?