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Friday Devotional - Nothing Can Seperate

In seasons of hardship and trials, it might feel like God is far away at times. However, that is not the case! Scripture assures us that even in difficult times, nothing can separate us from God’s love. Today we are going to dive deep into a section of scripture that reminds us how great God’s love is for us!

Image of a man sitting on the couch looking overwhelmed

Tuesday Truth - Not in Vain

Do you ever have days where you struggle with finding a reason to keep moving forward? Your inbox is full of unread messages, the laundry hampers are overflowing, and the yard still needs to be mowed, but it all seems so trivial.

pilot & co-pilot assessing charts in a cockpit

Monday Mission – Set Your Heading

Pilots have a rule called the “1 in 60 rule”. For every 1 degree you are off course, you will end up 1 mile further away from your destination for every 60 miles you travel. While one degree and one mile might not seem that much at first, the longer you travel at the wrong trajectory, the further off-course you get. The same is true in our faith.

Psalms 60

Friday Devotional – Growing in Faith

We’ve been slowly walking through the Book of Psalms, and this week (Psalm 60) talks about 10 things God has done, 5 things David is requesting, and 10 different things God has spoken. But what stood out to me is how the passage conveys