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Monday Mission – Give a book away

Although passion for reading is on the decline, there’s something about sharing a book that has had an impact on you that causes people to read.  This week buy a book that has helped you in some way and give it to someone you think may benefit from it.  You have blessed them, and they […]

Monday Mission – 10 Tips to Better Family Time

Parents and their children are spending less time interacting with each other. As a result, many children are getting less personal love and attention than their parents did. American Demographics reported that parents today spend roughly 40 percent less time with their children than did parents a generation ago. To help families stay connected, below […]

Monday Mission – Breathe

Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Again. Keep going. Instead of rushing to the next thing today, take 1 minute to sit in stillness and just breathe. Every time you’re ready to transition to a new task, take that minute to prepare your mind. You’ll open yourself to new possibilities instead […]

Monday Mission – Seek out the Hurting

What should we do when a friend or loved one is suffering? How can we love them, support them, and journey with them in their suffering in a way that is encouraging and helps rather than hurts them? As believers in Christ Jesus, we are charged to walk alongside each other in our pain. Yet […]

Monday Mission – What is your conscience saying?

He who tries to quiet an awakened conscience is like the man who one night was unable to sleep because his faithful dog continued to bark under his window.  He went to the window and yelled at the dog for it to be quiet so that he might sleep, but the barking continued. After some […]

Monday Mission – Be Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Welcome to the first full week of February! The month of commercialized Hallmark love and the grey skies of winter. Does anyone else feel like February is sometimes a challenging month to be positive? The holidays are over, winter is still with us for a while longer and sometimes it seems like the sun is […]

Monday Mission – New Year, New Plans, New Habits

Would you like to become a new person in 2017? Just make one small change. Do it now, then repeat it each day. When you meditate on God’s Word every day, over time, those few minutes will add up to a big change. Check out “You Version” Bible App, they have a lot of great […]

Monday Mission – Resolutions

There is Still Time to Plan for Improvement and a Pursue Your Dreams 2017 What New Year’s resolutions or improvement plans have you made to pursue your dreams in 2017?  Don’t worry if you have not done this yet, be encouraged as there is still time.  As the famous Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we […]

Monday Mission – Simplify

We all have a lot of things on our plate-but do all of these things need to be there?  As you start 2017, Simplify your life, stop worrying about things you cannot control. Take a breath, let them go and get focused on the things that you can take care of!