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Monday Mission - See God this Week

As summer gives way to fall, it brings with it so many wonderful things to look forward to – colorful foliage, breathtaking sunsets, & pumpkin cactus bread. With all these changes, it is easy to take for granted or overlook the beauty that is seen in creation.

Email, Encouragement Note

Monday Mission - Encourage Others

Monday Mission – Encourage someone Last week my son, who is in junior high, received an email from one of his teachers. He shared the email with me, and I was so impressed with how the teacher had taken time to share with him a couple good qualities that she saw in him.

Hands folded in prayer

Monday Mission - Pray for the New Academic Year

By the end of this week, nearly all of the schools in our county will be once again filled with the laughter and voices of children as classes resume for the new school year. This also means that college students have also started making their way to campuses all around the country.

Monday Mission

Monday Mission - This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made

Every morning is not only a blessing, but it’s a blessing that holds an opportunity. In the morning, one of the first things we often do is look at our phone. We put our alarm on snooze, we may even roll over and mutter our displeasure. Unfortunately, we have the tendency to go about our whole morning without focusing on the most important part of the day, the mere fact that we were blessed with another opportunity to give thanks to God, and live out our faith.