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Group of 8 people standing around a big check written for Special Olympics impact night

Wednesday Stories of Impact

The Vermillion Pizza Ranch recently hosted a community impact night for the USD Unified Special Olympics and helped to raise $691.33 for the event! Great job to the USD Unified Special Olympics group who did an amazing job promoting their event, and additionally a shout out to the Vermillion team for providing support to this successful Community Impact Night!

Little girl sitting and reading a Dr. Suess book dressed like the cat in the hat!

Tuesday Truth - No One is Youer Than You!

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” - Dr. Seuss I absolutely love Dr. Seuss and if you ask my kids, maybe it's a bit too much! Above is one of my most favorite of his many quotes, and I love the truth within in it!

Scrabble tiles forming be fearless, be you phrase

Monday Mission - Be You

In the post linked below, author Rick Warren does an amazing job of helping to bring about understanding around the subject of God's creation of "YOU". When I reflect on the post, I am reminded that I am not an accident. God create me in His image, He had a plan for my life, He made me to be me, and He made me for a purpose. You know what, He did this for you too! How incredible is this?

chain of paper hearts on a white background

Tuesday Truth - Known by Love

As Christian we are called to live according to God’s ways and not the ways of the world. Living in obedience to God’s word will make you look different than non-believers in many ways. One way Jesus mentioned in John 13:35 is that others will know you are Christ’s disciples is by your love for other people!

Painting of a obscured sunrise coming through a valley

Monday Mission - Be the Light

When I was in high school a print of this painting – “Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California” by Artist Albert Bierstadt – hung in our school library. Every time I looked at it, it hit me as a little bit of a disappointment...

Girl in a yellow sweater holding a bible out in front of her face.

Friday Devotional - Claiming and Praying Scripture

We’ve been slowly walking through the Book of Psalms, and this week we’re looking at Psalm 35. The Psalms do such a great job of talking about the topics and emotions we most often deal with in life. This is wisdom we can soak in, use, and grab hold of daily.