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Monday Mission - Smile

If you are anything like me, sometimes you might find it hard to smile. With the constant division and challenges life throws our way it is easy to get mixed up in the negative emotions our culture fosters.

Pizza Ranch Team Members in "Claire Strong" t-shirts

Wednesday - Stories of Impact - Claire Strong

Claire Yaw, high school senior, and daughter of Chris and Donette Yaw, received some unexpected news this summer when she was diagnosed with leukemia in the middle of June. Certainly not the summer or year they were planning on. Claire is part of our Pizza Ranch family, her mom works for the Pizza Ranch Support Center in Orange City, IA where their family lives.

Cross = Heart (drawn in the sand)

Tuesday Truths - Jesus forgives you

Jesus forgives you for ________. Fill in the blank with whatever comes to your mind. Whether you have a troubled past or just a really bad moment. Jesus can take the guilt, shame, and burden from you.

Dark hallway with graffiti on the walls, question mark created by glow lights at the end of the hallway

Friday Devotional - Jesus in the Book of Habakkuk

We’ve been working through the Old Testament looking for the New Testament Jesus hundreds, even thousands, of years before He was born. They’re all great stories on their own, but they absolutely paint a picture of who Jesus will be and what he’ll do for those who believe. Jesus claimed that the entire Old Testament pointed to Him (Luke 24:27, 44; John 5:39, 46; Romans 1:1-2; 1 Peter 1:10-12). Since the Book of Habakkuk is a part of the OT, let’s look to see how it points to Jesus.