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2 Corinthians 13:7

Tuesday Truth- Honesty

As some of you may know, Pizza Ranch has codes of conduct called The Pizza Ranch Way. These are how we act as we pursue our Vision and Mission. One of these items is to "do the right thing".

Tuesday Truth - He is Good

Have you ever found yourself in constant prayer, asking for God’s help to overcome a circumstance? Maybe it is a life situation that you can not seem to overcome. Perhaps it’s a prayer you have been longing for such as healing a disease or mending a marriage.

golden wheat field

Tuesday Truth - Honor God

A few years ago I kept hearing about honoring God, so I decided to do some research on what does it exactly mean to honor God. I learned quite a bit, and that there are many ways to honor God.


Tuesday Truth- Start Your Day with God

So often God reveals himself to us, but we are too distracted to notice. This morning my heart and mind are racing from thought to thought. Remember to pack swim towels. Fill the dog's water one more time before we leave the house.