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Hands folded in prayer

Monday Mission - Pray for the New Academic Year

By the end of this week, nearly all of the schools in our county will be once again filled with the laughter and voices of children as classes resume for the new school year. This also means that college students have also started making their way to campuses all around the country.

Monday Mission

Monday Mission - This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made

Every morning is not only a blessing, but it’s a blessing that holds an opportunity. In the morning, one of the first things we often do is look at our phone. We put our alarm on snooze, we may even roll over and mutter our displeasure. Unfortunately, we have the tendency to go about our whole morning without focusing on the most important part of the day, the mere fact that we were blessed with another opportunity to give thanks to God, and live out our faith.


Monday Mission- Trust

In the devotional "Perfect Trust" the author states: "If you are honest, like any follower of Jesus Christ, there are times when you find yourself questioning whether you can truly trust God, consider this truth:

Pizza Ranch National Conference

Monday Mission- Will You Please Pray For Us?

Today is a pretty big day for us in Pizza Ranch land. We have gathered all of our Support Center teams, our restaurant Owners and their families, our restaurant Managers and their families, and our vendors for our annual National Conference. Today we kick off ....

blur of busy people in the crosswalk

Monday Mission- Move Faith to the Forefront

As Spring gives way to Summer, our schedules seem to only get even more hectic. Activities with the kids, planning for that much needed vacation, and the honey-do list at home all seem to fill our days and our schedules. Many churches have switched to fewer services due to lower attendance, and our faith seems to get put to the back burner while life moves to the forefront.