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Monday Mission - Do not love the world

Do Not Love the World 1 John 2:15-17 This is one of the most difficult instructions that a Christian might have. It is so hard to…

Symbol for "God is Greater than the Highs and Lows"

Thursday Thought - God is Greater

For the longest time I didn't know what the image meant. I saw it around, but never really asked anyone. If you're in the dark like I was, here is what it means. "God is Greater than the Highs and Lows."

2 girls helping with Lifewise Open House in Boyden, IA

Stories of Impact - Lifewise Academy Launches in Iowa Community

Lifewise is one of the organizations that Pizza Ranch partners with, and we're excited to have our first Lifewise Academy program launch in Iowa this past Friday. The Lifewise Academy program allows for elementary students attending public schools to be released once a week for religious instruction time. Who knew such an amazing opportunity was even legal? But it is!

Mustard Seeds

Monday Mission - Pray Boldly

How big is your faith? Is it big enough to pray bold prayers? Is it big enough to brave the trials of life? Is it big enough to accomplish what God has called you to do?

Sheep grazing in a green pasture

Friday Devotional – The Shepherd's Blessing

Psalm 23 is a very familiar passage to many. Although it doesn’t actually talk about sheep, the chapter paints a beautiful picture of a shepherd taking care of his flock. Sheep are animals that are completely ...

Thursday Thought – Unexpected Hope

Every night before bed, I read a story out of our children’s Bible to my daughters. We just got into the New Testament, and we read the story in Luke 2 of how God sent a choir of angels to tell the lowly “riff-raff” shepherds about his Son who was born.

Wednesday Story of Impact – Wichita Positivity Wall

One way to inspire hope is encouraging those around you. General Manager, Donnie, is doing just that with his team in Wichita by creating a Positivity Wall in their restaurant. Team members can submit anonymous messages about other team members and leaders; these messages are then written on a white board for all to see.

Writing a Better Story

One of my favorite authors is Donald Miller. I recently re-read one of his books called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I learned while editing my life. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is the story of when Don and 2 other guys turned Blue Like Jazz (an earlier book he wrote and a memoir of sorts) into a screenplay for a movie. What they discovered, however, is that they had to “edit” Don’s life in Blue Like Jazz because it wasn’t interesting enough for a movie as is. Ouch.