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Thursday Thought - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What does today look like for you? For some, it may look pretty normal – the turkey smells delicious, the pumpkin pies are warm out of the oven and family and friends are gathered near while the sounds of chatting and laughter fill the air. The joy and thankfulness are palpable.

Thursday Thoughts - Turn Back to God

I’ve been reading through the Prophets in the Old Testament and have been struck by how many times God repeatedly asked His people to repent from their sins and humble themselves before Him. God used the prophets to actively warn the people that if they did not choose to return to Him, then they would face all of the consequences that God laid out before Moses and others.

Man with sign "A Better World takes Courage"

Thursday Thought - Are you Courageous?

Do you consider yourself courageous? This is a trait I admire in people, and I wish I had more of. Many things can leave me with a racing heart, sweaty palms or a desire to flee or avoid certain situations.