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Tuesday Truths - Now Thank We All Our God

Now thank we all our Godwith heart and hands and voices,who wondrous things has done,in whom his world rejoices;who from our mothers' armshas blessed…

Monday Mission: Be Thankful

As we enter this week of Thanksgiving, the phrase, "give thanks" or "be thankful" is thrown around a lot. Ask yourself are you truly…

word thankful in gold glitter stickers on a piece of wood with paper shapes of leaves, pumpkins and acorns around it.

Friday Devotional - A Thankful Heart

I’ve heard many people in the course of my life ask me “How do I get closer to God?” or, “How can I get my prayer life better?” In a devotional I read recently, I was reminded of the answer to these questions. I believe that the fastest way to get closer to God, and have a better prayer life, is by having a thankful heart. To be thanking God throughout the day.

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Wednesday Stories of Impact - Service From the Heart

At Pizza Ranch, we have 6 Key Business Drivers and we hold all of them with equal importance. That said, we celebrate when our restaurants do any one of these extraordinarily well. About a month ago, the Wichita, KS Pizza Ranch really did an amazing job of executing the KBD “Service From the Heart.”

Monday Mission - Trust God's Timing

I come from a family who runs late. You could pretty much plan on us being 10 (ish) minutes late to just about anything (and cutting it dangerously close to church). I married into a family who runs early. Similarly, they run about 10 minutes early (give or take).