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dog with ball in mouth

Tuesday Truth - What are you doing with your gifts?

My dog’s response to new toys reminds me of how Christians sometimes act with the gifts God has blessed them with. We get so excited about our gifts and talents, but we aren’t willing to surrender our gifts back to God to let Him use them for His Kingdom.

dog sitting on a doorstep

Monday Mission - Living in God’s Laws

A little over 2 years ago my husband and I adopted a 5-month-old puppy from our nearby Animal Shelter. Over the years our 20-pound puppy has grown into a 70-pound dog and taught us not only a lot about pet ownership, but also a lot about our faith in God. This week I wanted to share some of those lessons with you all!

Prayer Psalm 43

Friday Devotional – Psalm 43

When my bride and I moved away from where we live now, we were gone for about 6 years, I often found myself longing to come back. I thought about our dear friends, our amazing church fellowship, and even the changes in weather. I even found myself