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Tuesday Truths - A New Creation

Our God is a big God who has big, good things for His children. We talked yesterday about how He wants us to trust that He can transform us into something good. Today we’ll continue to walk that path.

Praying at the Cross

Friday Devotional – Forgiveness

We’ve been slowly walking through the Book of Psalms, and this week we’re looking at (Psalm 38). The Psalms do such a great job of talking about the topics and emotions we most often deal with in life. There’s so much in this chapter, like always. Each verse is full of wisdom we can soak in, use, and grab hold of daily.

Man standing on hill overlooking green valley.

Monday Mission - Kingdom of God

Do you want to see your family, friends, neighbors, strangers come to have a personal relationship with Christ? What if we intentionally/aggressively sought to advance the Kingdom of God?