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Monday Mission – Happy May Day!

Do you know the tradition associated with May Day? You give small baskets of flowers or sweet treats, usually anonymously, on your neighbor’s doorsteps. How fun would it be to return home to find a small treasure on your doorstep?! Your Monday Mission is to find a way to leave everyone you encounter with a […]

Monday Mission – When We are Struggling

A friend of mine recently received some bad news that would affect their life in a very negative way.  I was devastated, to say the least, to hear of this.  I went for a walk – to get away and think through the situation in the quiet of the day rather than remain in the […]

Monday Mission – Easter Blessing

As Easter weekend approaches, consider ways that you can be a blessing to others as Jesus was a blessing to all of us. Is there a friend that you need to ask forgiveness of? Is there a coworker going through a hard time that could use an uplifting e-mail? Do you have a family member […]

Monday Mission – It’s All Yours, God Part 1

*Note: Several days this week, Pizza Ranch Serves will center on the idea of “It’s All Yours, God”.  This is part 1* Because we live in God’s world, today’s encouragement is to use what God has given us in a way that is efficient, and to encourage others around you to do the same.  This …

Monday Mission – God’s Will

When was the last time you prayed for or intentionally sought God’s will in your life? Maybe it was when you were faced with something that seemed insurmountable or when you were faced with a life altering decision? Is seeking God’s will something you do daily, weekly, monthly. . .or only when needed? Do you […]

Monday Mission – Give a book away

Although passion for reading is on the decline, there’s something about sharing a book that has had an impact on you that causes people to read.  This week buy a book that has helped you in some way and give it to someone you think may benefit from it.  You have blessed them, and they […]

Monday Mission – 10 Tips to Better Family Time

Parents and their children are spending less time interacting with each other. As a result, many children are getting less personal love and attention than their parents did. American Demographics reported that parents today spend roughly 40 percent less time with their children than did parents a generation ago. To help families stay connected, below […]

Monday Mission – Breathe

Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Again. Keep going. Instead of rushing to the next thing today, take 1 minute to sit in stillness and just breathe. Every time you’re ready to transition to a new task, take that minute to prepare your mind. You’ll open yourself to new possibilities instead […]

Monday Mission – Seek out the Hurting

What should we do when a friend or loved one is suffering? How can we love them, support them, and journey with them in their suffering in a way that is encouraging and helps rather than hurts them? As believers in Christ Jesus, we are charged to walk alongside each other in our pain. Yet […]

Monday Mission – What is your conscience saying?

He who tries to quiet an awakened conscience is like the man who one night was unable to sleep because his faithful dog continued to bark under his window.  He went to the window and yelled at the dog for it to be quiet so that he might sleep, but the barking continued. After some […]