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Monday Mission – The Grave Robber

I have been reading a great book The Grave Robber: How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible! “Miracles are happening all around us all the time, but you won’t see them if you don’t know them.” Your mission today is to read a good book and share with others!

Monday Mission

7 challenges to make this your best week yet. Practical tips to make this week seriously awesome. Amp up your week by taking one small step each day and you might just find you’ve made one giant leap towards happiness. Try these 7 challenges, and savor each one as you learn a few tips on how […]

Monday Mission – Be a Door Opener

This week see how many times you can open the door for someone. Literally. Use that as a metaphor for opening the doors of opportunity for people. We all need door openers in our life. That could mean telling a friend about a job opening, connecting people together who have similar interests, inviting people to […]

Monday Mission – Becoming a Beacon Pointing to the Savior

Becoming a Beacon Pointing to the Savior When it comes to the truth about Jesus, it should stir something deep in our hearts and minds until it overflows in worship. On seeing the resurrected Lord, a so-called doubting disciple made one of the boldest declarations in all the New Testament. By: Robby Gallaty You can […]

Monday Mission – Happy May Day!

Do you know the tradition associated with May Day? You give small baskets of flowers or sweet treats, usually anonymously, on your neighbor’s doorsteps. How fun would it be to return home to find a small treasure on your doorstep?! Your Monday Mission is to find a way to leave everyone you encounter with a […]

Monday Mission – When We are Struggling

A friend of mine recently received some bad news that would affect their life in a very negative way.  I was devastated, to say the least, to hear of this.  I went for a walk – to get away and think through the situation in the quiet of the day rather than remain in the […]

Monday Mission – Easter Blessing

As Easter weekend approaches, consider ways that you can be a blessing to others as Jesus was a blessing to all of us. Is there a friend that you need to ask forgiveness of? Is there a coworker going through a hard time that could use an uplifting e-mail? Do you have a family member […]

Monday Mission – It’s All Yours, God Part 1

*Note: Several days this week, Pizza Ranch Serves will center on the idea of “It’s All Yours, God”.  This is part 1* Because we live in God’s world, today’s encouragement is to use what God has given us in a way that is efficient, and to encourage others around you to do the same.  This …