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Monday Mission – Joy

Dear Brothers & Sisters, whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy. For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. James 1:2-3 Our challenge is to look for joy every day and in all things. I hope you find your joy and peace today!

Monday Mission – Be Humble

Are you a humble leader in your home or your work place? Humility is a something shown within the Bible that allows us to fully depend on GOD , and love others above ourselves. It is something that we tend to neglect, so that we can appear ‘stronger’ and not weak in front of others. […]

Monday Mission – Reformation Day

Today is October 31 – many people in the world know this day as Halloween – but it is also known as Reformation Day – the day where Martin Luther nailed 95 thesis on the Roman Catholic church door.  Here is a clip from a devotional that I found very helpful in explaining the reason […]

Monday Mission – Make Monday the Best Day

Who likes Monday? I mean, seriously, who really feels that Monday is the best day of the week? Probably a very small minority of people believe that. Even those people who seem like they have it all together – I guarantee that there’s something going on in their lives that I won’t want to deal […]

Monday Mission – Leaves

Have you seen them?  As we look outside our windows or drive through the towns and neighborhoods, we can sense that Autumn is here.  The leaves are turning colors (and falling too!)  Your opportunity to be a friend in need today and this week and this season is to pitch in an help somebody who […]

Monday Mission – Able

What does it mean to be “able”? defines “able” in this way: able [ey-buh l] /ˈeɪ bəl/  adjective, abler, ablest. having necessary power, skill, resources, or qualifications; qualified: able to lift a two-hundred-pound weight; able to write music; able to travel widely; able to vote. having unusual or superior intelligence, skill, etc.: an able […]

Monday Mission – Make It More Real

Our vision is “To glorify God by positively impacting the world.” Sometimes the word world seems so remote and removed by us.  To make it be more real, this week identify a person you intend to impact and how you are going to do that. For example, “this week I’m going to impact John Smith, […]

Monday Mission – Uphill Hopes

“Everything worthwhile in life is an uphill climb. Most people have uphill hopes but downhill habits.” – John Maxwell Joshua climbed uphill his entire life and he led the Israelites into The Promised land. I want to develop uphill habits so I can someday die the way Joshua did-still climbing with other following; fulfilled, confident, […]

Monday Mission – Embrace Change

Do you hate change or do you embrace it? Many of us experience changes in our lives. Sometimes they are small changes that happen every day and sometimes they are major changes. We experience changes in our jobs, in our home life, in our businesses, with our friends and families, in our traditions, and others. […]

Monday Mission – A Life of Forgiveness

I have been immersed into the life of Corrie ten Boom over the last months as my church was preparing to perform “ten Boom, The Musical”.  I was brought back to a dark time in our history (WWII) when the Nazi army was taking the Jewish people captive, along with anyone that was protecting the […]