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Bible verse text: Colossians 3:13

Thursday Thoughts - Glasses Smudges

If you're a fellow glasses-wearer like myself, you'll know how frequently you have to wipe your lenses clean. I keep those little clothes all over the place, in my desk, my car, my purse, my medicine cabinet, etc. It's funny how a spec of dust...

hand holding glasses away from body with image of trees, grass in focus through the lens.

Tuesday Truth - God Glasses

What did you think of yesterday's challenge? Is there something you need to remind yourself of frequently?  Don't put yourself down for needing the reminder, but let the Holy Spirit use it to draw your deeper into your relationship with God.

Man sitting at laptop in front of window

Monday Mission - A New Reminder

In our technology-minded world we all have numerous accounts and passwords to keep track of. Have you ever considered using a password as a reminder for yourself?

hands in the shape of a heart in front of the sun in a sunset

Friday Devotional- Fruits of the Spirit

The world tells us to indulge ourselves in whatever we want. Whatever makes us happy. To live for self. To say whatever we want…even if it’s hurtful. And we better not stand for anything in the Bible because it will offend folks. And if we do, we could be considered a terrible person. The problem for Christians is that the Bible says something very different. From front to back it’s very clear. We are to: 1) serve and love God and others, and 2) walk by the Holy Spirit.

Picture of a yellow smiling face ball hidden within garland

Monday Mission--Stay Positive

Recently I've been struggling to stay positive due to multiple experiences of negativity going on in my work, life, and the world. If you are like me, sometimes it's helpful to be challenged by lists of alternatives to giving into a negative mindset. So I compiled a list of tips that I hope you will find helpful to combat negativity. It is my hope that you can adopt one or more of these tips to help you stay positive this week and become your Monday Mission!