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No Fear

Friday Devotional - The Promise To Take Away Our Fear

I really didn’t think about fear much in my early days. I was young, naive, and really only had to “worry” about myself. Once I had a family to be responsible for however, I thought about fear a little more. I had these other lives I had to think about. But I learned quickly that I had to lean into my faith for help. I knew that I couldn’t control every part, every moment, or every situation of the lives of my family.

Decorated Christmas tree

Thursday Thoughts - Christmas Trivia

As I was looking online for some Christmas games to play with a group of kids, I came across some Christmas Trivia Questions. How well do you know the Christmas story from the Bible? 

Hand written card with love

Tuesday Truth - Acts of Service

Yesterday we were challenged to serve others as an act of worship. What did you do for someone else?  Sometimes we think we can't do anything for others because we don't have enough money or we don't know what to do, so here are some examples to keep you going on your mission: