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Photo of military headstone in graveyard by Forrest Smith on Unsplash

Friday Devotional - The Time In-Between

Guest Devotions shared by Ryan, our Chief Administrative Officer. This past weekend my family visited the gravesite of my Mother-in-Law, and we reflected on the dates on her tombstone. Her birthdate and the date of her death.

Famous photo "Grace" by Eric Enstrom

Friday Devotional - A Thankful Heart

I’ve had a few people express to me recently their desire to feel closer to God. I believe most people long for a closer and more intimate relationship with Christ from time to time. I know I do. The question is, how can we make this happen? How can we feel closer to God? Well, I believe Scripture points to a thankful heart:

Thursday Thought - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What does today look like for you? For some, it may look pretty normal – the turkey smells delicious, the pumpkin pies are warm out of the oven and family and friends are gathered near while the sounds of chatting and laughter fill the air. The joy and thankfulness are palpable.

Truth Tuesday - God's Love Endures Forever

In today’s world, not many things last forever. We pour our cup of morning coffee and 10 minutes later, it’s gone. We spend months planning a wedding and 1 day later, that time is gone. Appliances break, food is devoured and items are lost.

Monday Mission - Make a List

This time of year, when you hear the phrase “Make a list!”, what image comes to mind? Maybe a jolly older gentleman dressed in red? Most people enjoy receiving presents, but don’t always stop to think about the gifts that God has already given us.