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1932 Lighthouse on the Kauai coast

Tuesday Truth - God Guides and Protects

The word "Lighthouse" is mentioned zero times in the Bible but I would imagine that if lighthouses were functioning in Jesus time he would have a fun metaphor or story about them. The purpose of the lighthouse is simple.

People raising their arms in praise - rejoicing

Monday Mission - Rejoice Always!

What words would you use to describe life right now? As I scroll through my emails here are a few that jump out to me: unprecedented, crazy, rising costs, supply issues, where is spring, Russian/Ukraine war. All of this can take a toll on our mental well-being and make me wonder what is really going on...

Friday Devotional – Abundantly More

I remember I received something special from my grandpa, if you’ve been in my office you’ve seen them. I have on display of trinkets on my bookshelves. Probably a third of what I actually have ownership of (I displayed

Monday Mission – Faithful Follow-Through

A sentiment that has been on my heart for a few days is that God is a good and faithful God. We see this again and again in Scripture; in the Old Testament, God continues to pull the Israelites out of the muck even when they repeatedly disobey God.

A person reading the bible

Tuesday Truth - Asking for Wisdom

Remember how I indicated in yesterday's devotions that we should seek God's wisdom and help? So, this is how we should approach God regarding anything and everything.