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Friday Devotional - Small Things Add Up

A couple of months ago, I needed new tires on my van. I took my two daughters with me and after the tires were replaced, the gentleman who had been helping me waited for me to buckle up my gifts in their car seats. I was trying to say goodbye, but instead, he pulled out 3 “silver” pennies.

Bars of Fine Gold

Thursday Thought - What's a Person Worth?

There’s something of an obsession in our society about a person’s worth. What’s Bill Gates’ worth as opposed to Warren Buffet’s? or Mark Zuckerberg’s? Millionaires, billionaires, and zillionaires - it’s all so far beyond what we normal people experience that we really can’t even image it.

Workers at a Food Bank

Wednesday Stories of Impact - Feeding the Hungry

Jesus calls us to care for those in need and in doing so it will be as if you have done this for Christ himself, see Matthew 25:34-40. One of our most basic needs is life is food. Michael Hall, Senior Web Developer at Pizza Ranch Support Center, takes this need seriously and has a passion for getting people food for their tables.

Thursday Thoughts - Blessed Assurance

"Blessed assurance, Jesus is mineOh, what a foretaste of glory divineHeir of salvation, purchase of GodBorn of His spirit, washed in His blood."…

Tuesday Truths - It's not all about you

"For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things…

Monday Mission - Wins!

It's important to celebrate small wins, especially in this trying year, but it's also a great way to track incremental achievements and work towards…

Memorial with white rose on it

Friday Devotional - Remembering

At our Thursday morning prayer time here at the Pizza Ranch Corp Offices we talked about remembering. We thought this was a good topic as we just crossed our one year anniversary of COVID hitting the chain. Do you ever have it where you hear a song, or a Bible verse, smell a fragrance, or pass a landmark and it immediately takes you back to a time in the past. It is funny how some things really trigger our memories to those big events in our life.

Thursday Thought - No Expiration Dates

I listened to a podcast last week by Christine Caine about how God’s promises don’t have an expiration date. She gave a real-life example about how if your passport expires, then you don’t get to board a plane and get to your destination; you’re left out/behind.