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Friday Devotions

Friday Devotional - Selah

As you read through the Psalms you will at times come across the world 'Selah' at the end of a sentence. In fact, this…

Thursday Thought- Overcoming Worry

Do you every find yourself turning to the same passage of scripture? Over and over again, different circumstances, but the same passage that you turn to? Maybe that is because we struggle with the same fears or insecurities. Or because we find comfort in the words written for us. For me, in so many circumstances I worry, and I always come back to the same passage; Matthew 6: 25-34.

Wednesday Stories of Impact - Loveland, CO

Amid the crazy schedule changes, cancellations, and closures, Pizza Ranch in Loveland, CO took it upon themselves to help out parents whose children would…

Tuesday Truth - Most High Shelter

Here at the Support Center we have been looking closely at Psalm 91 over the last few days. Below you will find a passage…

Monday Mission - Spread Love, Not Fear

It seems as though you can go no where without hearing updates surrounding the Coronavirus. The toilet paper raids and constant volatility fuels the spread of fear and turmoil. But that is not what God calls us to do.

Judge's Gavel

Friday Devotional - Jesus In The Old Testament #1

I often wondered as I grew up, why the Old Testament was so important. I thought that the New Testament was something to focus on. But I’ve grown to appreciate and see how important Old Testament Scripture actually is. It comes down to this: The entirety of the Old Testament points to Jesus.

Question Mark Drawn in chalk

Thursday Thought - God Always Knows Best

This week we’ve focused on prayer. What to pray, how God hears our prayers, how to be a First Responder in prayer. Today’s thought on prayer is this, why didn’t God answer my prayer?

Woman praying

Monday Mission - Pray

A quick search in my Bible App for the word “pray” brings up 436 results, wow! This tells me that prayer is important to God, and we know from reading scriptures that Jesus prayed regularly.

Friday Devotional - Patience

Patience is often associated with waiting. Waiting is often associated with inaction or gentle tolerance. The Biblical meaning of patience does not imply inaction. Most of…

Thursday Thoughts - Perseverance

Persevering in a race takes endurance, and followers of Christ are expected to endure trials, be on the lookout for promises to be fulfilled,…